SIGMA SPIRATONE 135mm Lens f/1.8 Arri PL mount. Very light and sharp lens with front lens covers, uv filter and hood.

The lens is modified and adjusted. It has a very high sharpness in the focus area. But the operator must understand that because of the high aperture depth sharply depicted space is very small. But it turns out great creamy bokeh. In addition, the lens helps to highlight the object in any position(Even if the object is near the background). The lens will work well on Arri PL cameras. The focus and aperture system works properly.

The front lens have metal hood 82mm.

In good condition, but have scratches on the body. There are also small scuffs of enlightenment on the lenses, does not affect the image.


This one come with Arri PL mount - you can't use other mount (Nikon or Canon).


Here are some details about the lens.

Spiratone Telephoto YS 135mm f/1.8 Lens.

The YS mount system was designed by Sigma to compete with the Vivitar/Soligor T4 mount system. Black anodized aluminum barrel and control rings. The optical surfaces are clear showing no marks however I do notice some dust inside the lens. Should not affect your pictures. Focus and diaphragm controls work smoothly.

Manufactured by Sigma in the 1970s, the YS 135mm f/1.8 was made available in a variety of mounts and under various brand names. The first thing you notice about the Spiratone YS 135mm f/1.8 is that it is MASSIVE. Weighing in at just under two and one half pounds the lens’ front element is hugely impressive, taking up enough acreage to require an 82mm filter. Focusing to within six (6) feet it is perfect for portraits. The super-fast, super-shallow f/1.8 telephoto lens will provide a very thin depth of focus wide open (shallower than from nose-tip to eyelashes) not to mention a marvelously smooth bokeh. Covering full-frame 35mm frames on film or digital cameras.

No longer available from the manufacturer, the YS 135mm f/1.8 is still available used, when you can find one.

This is a best portret lens for the price.

Ship registered airmail with tracking number. I made and tested this lens - it worked as it should. If you buy several different goods at once - you save on delivery. If you have additional questions, please contact me.

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I also do not provide refund in case of slow delivery.


With best wishes, Maxim.

135 мм F1.8 Sigma SPIRATONE cinematic verylight lens PL Arri mount


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